Friday, November 4, 2011

ALL THE TIME: Days 3 and 4

Day 3

On days that I feel lonely, and wish I had more close friends here in Kansas (or lived closer to my many close friends in Oklahoma), it only takes one big hug from my BEST friend in the world to remind me that I have all I need right here!

For the amazing blessing that I call my husband, I thank God!  He is good, all the time!

Day 4

Along the same lines, some days I worry that Ben is lonely too.  It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to stay home with him, but now and then I worry that he doesn't get enough interaction with other kids.  Enter, Gretchen!  I am SO thankful for my awesome friend Amy, who not only blesses our family by paying me to play with her amazing three girls each week, but she blesses our son by providing him playmates!  He has an absolute BLAST with Gretchen (and her two big sisters!) and I am truly, deeply thankful for this family in our lives.

For great friends of all ages, I praise our awesome God; for He is good ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today, friends, I'm really missing music.  Singing has always been an outlet for me; a way to release my worry and stress and just let it all fly away.  Unfortunately, nearly all of my opportunities to embrace this outlet have dried up lately.  The praise group I used to jam with is no more, and I am unable to attend choir rehearsals now that my hubby has night class at the same time.  I miss it terribly, and it's definitely contributed to my current state of mind. (re: "in a funk")  So in light of the challenge at hand, I've been thinking- what about "I miss music" can I possibly be thankful for??  For starters, I'll go with the obvious:  I'm so thankful to be blessed with the gift of music at all!  I'm thankful for ears that can hear it, and a spirit that understands it.  And I certainly don't mean to toot my own horn - I am no Adele - but I am very thankful that I can carry a tune.  These sentiments don't really help broaden my scope of thankfulness though because they are, frankly, generic.  Of course I'm thankful that music exists and I can hear it.  But what can I focus on that might turn my "I miss music" complaint into an "I LOVE music!" exclamation?   As I pondered this question, I kept coming back to this, and it is certainly something worth remembering:  The last time that I did have the opportunity to collaborate with some fine artists and create a moving sound it was, well, moving.

Back in July, I was blessed to participate in an event for The Crossroads Program- a sobriety program for young people and their families.  The concert,  held at Sandstone Amphitheater, was a celebration of how far the participants had come since entering the program.  Several members of our church choir sang with the headlining band, made up completely of Crossroads participants and lead by the program director.  Standing on that stage, looking out into the faces of joyful, hopeful, recovering addicts and their proud, supportive families was one of the most heart-stirring moments of my life.  And though everyone was soaked in sweat, the air was full of cigarette smoke, the amps were blaring and four-letter words were not off-limits, when it was over, a mother turned to me, eyes filled with tears and said, "This was church.  Tonight, we've just been to church."   And I knew she was right.

For the gift of music, for a spirit that appreciates it, for a heart that misses it, and for opportunities to share it, I thank God.  For the joy and hope of recovery, for heart-stirring moments, and for finding church in the least church-like of settings, I praise God. 
For He is good. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's been a while now since I last posted, and though I'm sure I could come up with a hundred legitimate excuses to explain my absence I will just sum it up as this:  Friends, I've been in a funk.  I've been spending far too much time feeling blue about all the things that aren't going my way, and not enough time feeling thankful.  So from now until Thanksgiving, I will be posting about the things that have been getting me down, and find a way to turn them around and be thankful.  This is more for myself than for anyone else (though I'm thrilled to have you all following along!) because I need to get back to "that place" where I don't just say it, but I truly believe-- God is Good, ALL THE TIME!

Day 1

Today, like many days, I am feeling cut off from the grown-up world.  Because we are trying to save money, Ben and I can't just go-go-go and do something out in public (where I might actually interact with an adult) every day.  I've been feeling lonely, and have a serious case of cabin fever!  But today, I choose to be thankful for a husband who not only provides for us financially, but also has the good sense to (together with me, of course) set a conservative budget for our spending.  I am also very thankful for the opportunity to stay home with Ben; though it does limit my own adult interaction, I know the benefits it provides him are worth it a million times over!  And last but certainly not least, I am very thankful for a neighborhood park where Ben and I can get out of the house and have lots of fun!  (For free!)  I praise God today for these gifts, for He is good ALL THE TIME!