Friday, November 4, 2011

ALL THE TIME: Days 3 and 4

Day 3

On days that I feel lonely, and wish I had more close friends here in Kansas (or lived closer to my many close friends in Oklahoma), it only takes one big hug from my BEST friend in the world to remind me that I have all I need right here!

For the amazing blessing that I call my husband, I thank God!  He is good, all the time!

Day 4

Along the same lines, some days I worry that Ben is lonely too.  It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to stay home with him, but now and then I worry that he doesn't get enough interaction with other kids.  Enter, Gretchen!  I am SO thankful for my awesome friend Amy, who not only blesses our family by paying me to play with her amazing three girls each week, but she blesses our son by providing him playmates!  He has an absolute BLAST with Gretchen (and her two big sisters!) and I am truly, deeply thankful for this family in our lives.

For great friends of all ages, I praise our awesome God; for He is good ALL THE TIME!

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